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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Can You Interpret? “I am continually mystified by my Pepco bill, the highly variable energy use charges, and by the widely varying responses I receive when I call Pepco customer service. I would really appreciate any insights from this group on understanding Pepco’s billing practices. (Sorry this is not a Hill East-specific question-hope that is alright),” writes a member of the New Hill East email list. They find the following problematic: “For example, it is not uncommon that my ‘estimated’ reading for the month is significantly higher than the actual reading the day I receive the bill (which means it was even higher when the bill was generated.)” The thread, titled “Do you understand your Pepco bill?” has, so far, not generated any answers.

No Good Can Come From Circling: One member of the Shepherd Park email list asks, “Anyone know what they are building in the street? Looks like some type of circle.” Another responds, “It is a traffic calming circle. The Browns’ house at the corner of 14th and Leegate was severely damaged a couple of years ago by a car that came  down 14th from the Silver Spring side and lost control. Because I hate these things, I most likely will never drive in that area again and I am two blocks away—so immediate calming.” But the original poster isn’t so sure, writing back, “Well I have lived here off and on for 4 years and have seen 2 accidents. Now the stop sign right outside me door that apparently isn’t being seen by most, a bit more of a concern to me. Or the circle on 16th which is very unsafe.”

The Panopticon: “I have installed Cameras around my home not just for burglary but for nasty people that are not picking up after their dogs. This has become a big, big problem with people that are inconsiderate of their neighbors. It is a shame that people with small and large dogs let their dogs go in the yards of their neighbors and just walk away. How dare you?” announces a member of the Brookland email list. While one member suggests, “Compost it and the baacteria, fungi etc take clare of the problem,” another is firmly behind the cameras. They write, “Agreed!  It is why I don’t have a dog…I love dogs but hate dog S—- ! Can a ticket be given to such a person (and…what about the dog?)  Jeez…on reflection, it’s a good thing people don’t have pet Elephants…NOW, that would be a problem.”

If I Had a Million Dollars: The Georgetown Metropolitan reports that the family that owns the historic Georgetown theater building is still attempting to sell. Though ideas for the space abound, the blog says they “ignore the fact that the building is a complete and utter wreck inside. A total gut job is required. And then you have you ask yourself, why even bother? While the decrepit neon sign is a landmark, and its restoration would be great, the rest of the facade is not worth saving. It’s a 1950′s renovation that uses ugly formstone (it’s the fake brick stuff you see all over Baltimore). It’s not historic. What was historic was the facade of the Dumbarton Theater that they destroyed to put up the ugly fake brick veneer.” One commenter says, “It has been a dream of mine for years to win Powerball and restore the old theater to its art nouveau splendor. Unfortunately that probably will never happen now, but probably anything is better than the sad, derelict thing it is now.”