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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Chupacabra Confusion: “On April first someone posted about an animal with the head of a deer, body of a dog and tail of a rat.(or something like that) I assumed it was an April fools joke, and it might have been, but I commented that I just saw one with two heads walking down Wisconsin Ave. So, I just saw one on TV and realized that it really does exist. What is this animal? Where does it normally live?” writes a member of the Tenleytown email list in a thread entitled “Apology…unusual animal…” Another member clarifies, “I think what is needed is a volunteer Chupacabra Eradication Committee. Seriously, the original email was sent on April Fools Day to both the Tenley and Glover Park listserves and was clearly an April Fools joke. The Washington Post also had an article this week about this ghastly beast and it turned out to be a mangy fox. May the myth of the Tenley chupacabra live on.”

Oh My: “I am at my witts end and don’t know what to do. The house next to me (1822 Burke St) is vacant. In their screened in back porche there is a ton of trash. This trash is attracting Possumes, rats and cockroaches,” writes a clearly frustrated member of the New Hill East email list. “I called vacant properties who said they will send out an inspector. But someone on Burke St. cuts their grass and someone comes by every night to pick up the mail. So it looks OK. to an inspector. How does this trash get out of the house to deter the rodents???”

I Won’t Kill Them This Time: A concerned parent writes to the Cleveland Park email list, “Earlier this week, after much pleading, my six-year-old proudly carried her first two goldfish home from a local pet store. Less proudly, we buried them both within 48 hours. Post hoc Googling suggests that goldfish were not a good choice, the store’s care instructions were inadequate, and/or we should have bought them elsewhere.” They inquire, “Before we rush out to buy replacements, I would very much appreciate suggestions of good starter fish for a child and stores where we can be sure of getting healthy fish and good advice.”

Found in Adams Morgan: In a thread titled, “Blue Bird with White Head,” a member of the Adams Morgan email list writes, “Does anyone have a bird missing? Looks like an indoor bird and it’s been on my back porch.” No one has yet claimed the bird.