Just went by the National Cathedral to survey the damage. I gotta say, it’s never looked better.

Sure, the tops of some spires fell off during the earthquake. But that gives the place a more authentic feel.

For anybody who’s seen the old churches of Europe, which were built centuries ago, the National Cathedral, which was finished in 1990, lacks oomph. Its biggest flaw: It looks too new.

Rather, it looked too new. The spires now look like No. 2 pencils near the end of the school year. That adds some much-needed gravitas.

If the cathedral were a guitar, you’d say it got “relic’d” by the quake.

That’s a term for what some oddball musicophiles do to make new instruments look old. They bang dents into ’em and sand off some finish to create a worn vibe. A dirtied up guitar is said to have more “mojo,” and can be more valuable, than a pristine version of the same model.

The quake gave the cathedral some much-needed mojo.

Unfortunately, I assume they’ll try to repair the cathedral to look good as new. But maybe not: The church’s insurance policy might not cover wounds caused by an act of God.