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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Off the Chain: Following yesterday’s earthquake, Chief of Police Cathy Lanier quickly jumped onto all the Metropolitan Police District email lists to send the following: “I’d like to provide a quick update in the aftermath of this afternoon’s confirmed earthquake. 1) DC Police officers are maintaining a heavy police presence in the community. Our helicopter has been flying over for visual assessments with no major damage noted. 2) Please remain calm and report any smell of gas or persons in distress to 9-1-1. Cell phone service is sketchy, but it appears cell phone towers are gradually restoring service. More updates to come.” On the 7D email list, one member sent this response: “Update, it was 5.9, it shook me out of the bed almost, that was sick leave will do for ya, it will make you forget all about why you were home sick in the first place, it made me forget all about why I was even home.  I’m glad to say that I’m not at work today, I thank God that I’m not in that traffic either, don’t even mention METRO, off the chain.  Best of luck guys, they are now saying that we will also be dealing with trimmers today, throughout the night, and tomorrow.  Now doesn’t that sound exciting.”

The Aftermath: The earthquake dominated the conversation on the TakomaDC email list, too. When one member asked, “Any information about this?” in response to the physical shaking, others wrote “My whole house was shaking,doors rattling ~ thought the roof was collapsing!! !! Went outside and my neighbor across the street was outside due to same thing! Was it a quake? Or underground explosion? My imagination is running wild right about now…..” and “Guess we need geological instruments as well!” On the Shepherd Park email list, a thread titled “???” saw this response: “Must be earthquake! Pictures fell, house moving! Just on news. Called 5.8m ran to basement.”

Chevy Chase Problems: “We have developed a leak through two recessed lighting fixtures in our basement ceiling – but only during hard rainstorms. We are trying to figure out if this is gutter/drainage problem, or if perhaps the water is leaking through walls or our deck (basement doors lead out under our deck) Has anyone experienced this? Or have recommendations for a good repairman to help diagnose and fix the problem?” asks a member of the Chevy Chase email list. No word on whether those recessed lighting fixtures were affected by yesterday’s earthquake.

Cleveland Park, ISO: On the Cleveland Park email list, members are in pursuit of the following: “good doctor in DC for ankle problem,” “Cleveland Park Historical Society looking for project person,” “gutter replacement company,” “car service to Dulles with car seat,” “Nanny Share for Infant,” “leaking radiator repair?,” “polycrylic,” bunk beds,” and “last minute vacation ideas.”