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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Whither Barry? Congress Heights on the Rise is informally polling readers on whether Marion Barry should run to hold onto his Ward 8 council seat. Though one defends the councilmember—”The question should be if he does not run who will have the acumen to negotiate city hall? the new person will not have key committee leadership position. They will not have the leverage over other council members and the mayor to obtain the necessaries for Ward 8. Alot of people say he should go but have no clue how this city is run”—commenters are largely anti-Barry. One writes, “So what should we do? Wait for Barry to die???? Barry has had two terms to do nothing but line his pockets, chase after women young enough to be his daughters (and granddaughters), and demonstrate just how scared blacks are to move in a new direction. Stop being scared Ward 8. The definition fo insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Barry is what he is. The question is why are we expecting more?” Another says, “Do we really think so little or ourselves that our best option is a drug addicted, tax-dodging, womanizer with questionable judgement? I think a potted plant would make a better councilmember. If 8+ years later Ward 8 remains the home of the ‘lost and the least’ then the least we can do is lose our current representation. I would vote for a potted plant before I would vote for Marion ‘What’s in it for me?’ Barry. Anyone who votes for him must be as morally corrupt as he is.”

Shepherd Park Problems: “The large storm drain at the bottom of Mathewson (where it intersects with Blagden) has been covered over with 2x4s and plastic.  Is the city is doing something here?” asks a member of the Shepherd Park email list. “Last weekend, the blockage contributed to some deep, fast running water (and a large, dangerous pile of gravel) in that intersection as Mathewson carries significant storm runoff.  With the possibility of 3-5 inches of rain on Saturday it will be important to have all systems working.” The inquiry spurred a small litany of complaints: One member writes, “There is a large sunken area in the road by the intersection of argyle and varnum on varnum. There were utility workers  there a month or two ago but the street was never fixed. The sunken area is right in front of my drive so I have to drive into it every time I come home. Shouldn’t the utility company have fixed this?” and another says, “1800 Allison Street, NW. The drain next to the ally entrance is bocked and has been blocked for 6-9 months.”

Faux: Commenters on Frozen Tropics mostly agree with the Post‘s Tom Siestma‘s panning of Tru Orleans. One writes, “I understand and agree that H St. can and should cater to a diverse audience. Not every business needs to woo the Brooklyn Industries set. Fine. But do what you do well, or don’t do it at all. And regardless of your particular business or clientele, don’t charge exorbitant prices for a woefully uneven or consistently substandard product.” Another adds, “While I’ve seen some places go from a stumble to a sprint, it is clear that Tru Orleans is not responding to criticism and is stuffing their ears with cotton. The chef is not up to par, the dishes are not authentic, the prices are not reflective of the quality and the drink menu is not that interesting. Either we hear some feedback soon from Tru Orleans or it will wither within a year.” And a third offers this explanation: “Yet again, people are missing the point. This place is not about the food. It’s about the alcohol. They only serve food because they have to. Think their food is overpriced and not very good? They don’t care — they don’t have to.”

Not Faux: A member of the Cleveland Park email list is “seeking source of antique brick pavers” for an unspecified use. “I’m looking for a source of old, reclaimed, or antique brick pavers,” they write. So far, no one has offered suggestions.