A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

All Your Free Time: A posting by parents in search of “driver for kids after school activities” have posted to the Cleveland Park email list an exceedingly detailed outline of what the job might entail: “This is a job that is perfect for a college student in search of earning some extra money. We are hoping to hire a driver for our 8 year old who takes gymnastics in Rockville. Monday, 3 pm – 6 pm school pickup at John Eaton school, soccer practice on Foxhall Rd. Tuesday, 3 pm – 6 pm school pickup and homework help. Wednesday, 3 – 9 pm school pick up and then round trip to Rockville (for gymnastics from 5 – 8 pm). Thursday, 3 – 6 pm school pick up and homework help. Friday, 3 – 9 pm school pick up and then round trip to Rockville gymnastics (during the three hours of waiting may be asked to go to grocery store).” The poster summarizes, “approximately 20 hours of driving a week with possible Saturday option for Rockville gymnastics. $15/hour. It could also just be Tuesday, Thursday and Friday if that suits driver.”

Virtuosos, Please: A less demanding, but equally specific, request for childcare appears on the Shepherd Park email list. “Hi – I’m looking for someone to pick my kids up by car after school on Thursdays this fall and watch them until I get home — maybe 6pm. Not sure of the timing exactly as this is a new schedule for us.” The list member continues, “But ideally I would like to find someone who can help my 7yo daughter practice violin during that time without distraction from my 5yo son. Thanks for any leads!”

Protect This House: A member of the New Hill East email list offers, “I have a 40″ x 34″ window bar that I am looking to give away. One of the pieces used to attach it was broken when it was removed and would probably need to be repaired. If you are interested please let me know.” The posting refers to, yes, a single window bar.

Hint: Find a Heating Pad: “Hi all, We seem to have an injured bird on our front steps. It is breathing and occasionally spreads it wings, but does not fly away when we check on it. Any thoughts on what to do?” asks a member of the Burleith email list. Apparently, they hadn’t seen the advice doled out on the Cleveland Park email list over the weekend for stranded avians.