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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Condirelent: Frozen Tropics posts a press release (with a video) from the dudes at Taylor Gourmet announcing their submission to customers’ demands: The local sandwich chain will now offer mayo, spicy brown mustard, and whole wheat bread. One commenter writes, “Being a Philadelphia transplant myself, I am of 2 minds on this topic. The cynical, throwing-snowballs-at-Santa-Clause side of me says that they stopped really being hoagies when they stopping bringing down the bread from philly, so why the hell not start using mayo and mustard? The more supportive, refined, nice, polite, Washington DC side of me says give the customers what they want. So which side wins out? Well I just finished a Lombard Ave (with oil & vinigar).” Another says, “i’d like to see a more regular hoagie, one that they slice the meat and veggies when you order it not beforehand, also softer rolls, my grandpa always pulls out his dentures eating taylor hoagies.”

Top of the Line: “Our nanny of over two years, is now available for a new position. She has worked in this neighborhood for many years, knows all the best spots and activities for little ones, and would like to find another job here,” writes a member of the Chevy Chase email list. She goes on to sign the praises of the nanny, whom she calls the “baby whisperer”: “Our son was breastfed and actively resisted the bottle; Linda got him on a bottle in very short order. She also got him on a regular schedule, napping successfully in the crib, and eating like a champion, all with a minimum of fuss or tears. As a new first-time mother, knowing such a professional was with our son was critical to my being able to go back to work full-time when he was so young.”

Okay, Fine, in My Backyard: In response to JDLand’s reporting “Forest City is now confirming that Capitol Hill restaurant magnate Xavier Cervera will be opening ‘Willie’s Brew & Que’ in the Boilermaker Shops at The Yards,” one commenter writes, “More sports bar/beer places for the post-grad bros in cargo shorts and flip flops. Lovely. How about a classy Scotch or Hookah joint?” But other commenters are more welcoming; one says, “I think that diners, sports bars, and the Neighborhood Restaurant Group folks’ craft brew house appeal to a broad enough demographic that they can pioneer the restaurant/nightlife scene, and once that happens, more upscale/niche spots may see the neighborhood as a viable location,” while another writes, “One could open your own classy Scotch or Hookah joint – that option does exist. Not really sure what people are looking for. Its not like DC is unique or our little area is unique. Microbrew, cupcakes, subs, sushi, etc – sounds like the rest of DC to me. I just want something to finally get this place going again.” The initial poster defends himself: “Didn’t mean to come off so negatively, sorry. I still think this is great news!”

So Cuddly: One member of the Crestwood email list offers, “We have 8 Goldfish (7 gold, 1 black) who need a new home because we are renovating our pond. The fish range between 3-4 inches in length and are…still growing! If anyone has a pond we could move them to, please email me directly.”