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Lydia DePillis has been documenting pit stops at various restrooms around the city, and this week she’s got a pretty interesting one on deck:

In downtown Washington D.C., it’s easy to get the sense that you’re being watched, with Secret Service vans everywhere and camera crews on random corners. But sometimes, as one family found out when visiting a Penn Quarter Starbucks, people are watching for more nefarious purposes.

Here’s what happened. In April, a five-year-old girl visiting with her family from Norfolk, Va., really needed to go to the bathroom. One of the unisex bathrooms at a very busy Starbucks on 7th and Pennsylvania Avenue NW had an out-of-order sign on it—it still did yesterday—and the other was filthy. But the father, William Yockey, decided to let her use it anyway. According to a police report, when Yockey entered the restroom to help his daughter, he found a video camera in the U-joint of the sink facing towards the toilet, turned on and recording. They called the police, who roped off the area, dusted the camera for prints, and took it away for evidence.

Did DePillis find a camera on her visit to the notorious commode? There’s only one way to find out: Go read it.