You Put Your Weed Application In There: Selling medical marijuana in the District will be risky; applicants have to sign a waiver that seems all but designed to be used as an exhibit by the U.S. Attorney in a future federal narcotics case, after all. But that didn’t deter everyone—city officials allowed more than 50 groups to pursue the 15 available licenses. At least a dozen people dropped out, but Montel Williams‘ colleagues are still in the running. +2

It’s All At The Mall: Anyone complaining that tourists take all the Capital BikeShare bikes and/or parking spots before you can get to them, get ready for the real gripes. The National Park Service plans to allow BikeShare stations on the Mall, as the decades-long Tourmobile monopoly crumbles faster than a dictatorship suddenly confronted by massive street protests live on Al Jazeera. We’ll take red bikes over blue trolleys any day. +2

Fully Loaded: The D.C. government has had some tough budget decisions to make recently. Fortunately for the bean-counters, one decision got made for them: The decision to spend $12,450.23 to break the lease on one Lincoln Navigator that D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown was shamed out of using, and possibly another $5,200 for another Navigator Brown rejected before anyone knew about his taste in cars, for the completely fiscally responsible reason that the interior was gray. Admittedly, $20,000 or so isn’t a lot of money when split among all District taxpayers, but still—raise your hand if you wouldn’t like a refund for whatever your share is. -2

Sexy Rexy: Last year, the Washington Redskins finished 6-10, a disappointing record but an improvement over the previous season’s 4-12. Coach Mike Shanahan must have decided that was too fun, so he’s aiming for 3-13 this year. What other explanation is there for the mysterious choice to install Rex Grossman as the team’s starting quarterback? In Grossman’s defense, of course, the alternative was John Beck, but what NFL team heads into September facing that Hobson’s choice (especially when future Hall of Famer Donovan McNabb got canned in order to set it up)? Good thing there’s no relegation in U.S. sports, or FedEx Field might be hosting Arena Football League games next year. -1

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