While warning Google’s new group coupon service, Offers, away from D.C., DCist editor Martin Austermuhle reaches a bit:

Google should tread carefully — the District, after all, is LivingSocial territory. Beyond the fact that two of the company’s executives are locals — CEO and co-founder Tim O’Shaughnessy went to Georgetown, while Eddie Frederick, president and co-founder, went to Maryland — LivingSocial recently leased a seven-floor building in Penn Quarter for its 100 to 150 employees. The District has officially become a company town when it comes to the online coupon business.

I’m not sure how a service that people access exclusively online can claim terroir, and I’d be shocked if very many people who use Groupon or LivingSocial have even the slightest clue where either is based. As long as you get your discount, do you really care which company sells it to you?

Update: Austermuhle says, “I was being sarcastic.”