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Lost in the Flood: There was a time when it seemed like it hadn’t rained in the District for weeks; grass dried up and died, it was unbearably hot, and weather officials were issuing drought warnings for the region. That time was August. Since then, it basically hasn’t stopped raining. Which means today, like all days that end in “-day,” brought a fresh round of flood warnings, watches, and downpours. The city was giving out sandbags all afternoon; no word on when they’ll switch to issuing arks. -2

White (Powder) Clam Sauce: Clams—they’re not just for steaming anymore. At Dulles International Airport, officials intercepted a man allegedly trying to smuggle $10,000 worth of cocaine into the United States from El Salvador by hiding it inside clam shells, which were then glued shut. Next time, we advise any would-be smugglers hoping to use the same tactic to try National; they’ve got a Legal Seafoods there, so the clams might attract less attention. -1

Dupont Circle, Now Northbound Only: One of the most dramatic entrances to any Metro station in the whole system is the elevator into Dupont Circle at Connecticut Avenue and Q Street NW. A huge pit, complete with a concrete cap and a Walt Whitman quote, ushers riders onto the Red Line; the southern entrance, wedged next to an office building on the bottom of the circle, can’t quite compete. And in fact, for a while next year, it won’t even try: Metro officials announced today that they’ll close the southern entrance to replace all three of its elevators at some point. Bad news for Krispy Kreme; good news for Kramerbooks. -1

Terp-a-Porter: On Monday night, the University of Maryland played the University of Miami in a nationally televised fashion show. Technically, it was a football game, but the hideousness of the Terps’ Maryland flag-themed uniforms dominated any and all conversation about the game (which Maryland won). Finally some good news on the sartorial front out of College Park: The Terrapins will never wear that awful get-up again, as the school plans to auction the uniforms off. Jerseys will start at $200; helmets at $500. Presumably, if any UMD undergraduates buy the jerseys, they’ll just set them on fire. +1

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