A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Humor Me: Last week, The Hill is Home posted the “Practical Guide to Ark-Building,” a post obviously intended to mock the unpleasant deluge the region has faced for the past week. It name-checked neighborhood institutions (Frager’s, the Argonaut) that would find themselves involved with the hypothetical ark-building process. But it wasn’t nuanced enough for one commenter, who wrote, “I’m finding it hard to read this post in a way that doesn’t make it sound like you’re wishing for a mini-Katrina to wash away the poor black people and create a yuppie paradise of gentrification.” A contributor to The Hill is Home corrects, “Hi Jim, perhaps now that the rain is clearing and the sun seems to be coming out, you can reread Sharee’s very funny and charming piece and enjoy the tongue-in-cheek tone in which it was written, because what your comment implies is ugly and hurtful.”

Better Than Cash: A member of the Brookland email list offers this proposition: “A nearly full bag of Hills Prescription Diet I/D Gastrointestinal Health dry cat food. We have this bc my cat had kidney problems and hyperthyroidism. The bag says it’s okay for kittens. Will trade for something good for people to eat— make an offer.” The email is titled, “Trade: Special cat food for special people food.” Presently, no one has publicly offered any “special people food.”

Mind Your Kids: “We’ve got three little helmeted boys on bikes zipping down the alleys at top speed. They’re having a ball but they’re not stopping between alleys to check for cars when they cross the main roads. They’re between 48th and 49th Streets. I live on Chesapeake,” writes a member of the Tenleytown email list. Though this might seem like a friendly alert from a parent, it turns out the poster is merely a concerned citizen. “Please watch for them and if they’re your children you might have another safety talk with them. We have a lot of speeders on Chesapeake. I’m heading outside now to have a word with them.”

Cleveland Park, ISO: Members of the Cleveland Park email list would be happy to receive, purchase, or be pointed in the direction of the following: “a dentist,” “Sonic the Hedgehog birthday cake,” a “landscape contractor for drainage problem,” a nail-trimming service for a “nervous cat,” a “part-time nanny,” and “advice on dehumidifiers.”