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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Not So Sunny: An irritated resident posted on the Shepherd Park email list about an early-morning disturbance caused by a group leaving the Sunshine Bar & Lounge on Georgia Avenue NW. “Why are people leaving an establishment that legally should have closed 4 hours earlier at 3:00am?” the resident, clearly not one for the hard partying. One commenter offers that the neighbors of Sunshine should use a method that a Columbia Heights woman once employ to ward off drug dealers: Setting off sprinklers. “Might something similar work for the front yard gardens of neighbors of Sunshine’s?” they suggest.

Missing Keys: A member of the New Hill East message thread is attempting an unorthodox method to find their lost keys. They posted, “I lost my keys today – I think while digging in dirt. Does anyone have a metal detector to lend so I can scan a pile of dirt? Please contact me offline.” Hopefully they come up with some other interesting finds besides their keys. On the Tenleytown email list, a member posted about finding a pair of keys on Grant Road NW—but one can assume it’s not the same pair sought in Hill East.

Awkward Encounter: Magazine solicitors are rarely a pleasant experience, but one member felt the need to warn their neighbors on the Crestwood email list about two in particular. After the resident member their offer, they say, “I sent them on their way politely. They were not thrilled with the rejection and had a couple of snide comments.” Apparently no one else suffered this problem, or considered it worth a sympathetic response.

Superhero Steal: Are you a superhero enthusiast? A member of the Cleveland Park email thread is giving away “a small Batman umbrella and a Spiderman boogie board.” The current owner hopes to give them away to someone who will enjoy them as much as her sons did, but this could also be useful for someone trying to build their memorabilia collection.