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I guess I should have known that when a fashion-forward pal tweeted early this morning that she was in line at the Arlington Boulevard Target, in Falls Church, Va., the Missoni for Target collection was a big deal.

Everything went pretty quickly, according to reports from across the country. Within eight minutes of opening, in Falls Church, shoes were gone, followed quickly by bedding and housewares.

The fashion house designed a line with 400+ items for the retailer—-everything from bikes to serving platters to scarves—-all with multi-colored squiggly stripes.

Target has been doing short-run designer lines for a few years now, and rarely has there been such a run on stores, especially for a design so, dare I say, unattractive?

Anyway, according to the employee at the Columbia Heights Target that I spoke to this afternoon, everything there was sold out in about “20 minutes.”

And are people are still showing up, desperate for discounted Missoni style and all the squiggly stripes they can handle?

“Yes, Lord, yes,” she says, with a laugh.

Many people are desperately hitting refresh on the downed Target website, but they should hold off on turning to eBay, where prices are three to four times higher for the merchandiser’s Missoni wares. The employee also says the company is currently updating the site, so it’ll be easier to order pieces from the collection soon.

Photo by Target