The value of a Redskins ticket is apparently continuing to plummet even after the team’s thrashing of the New York Giants in Sunday’s opener.

In a column published in early June, I observed that, “Supply is kicking demand’s ass at FedExField.

The ass-kicking continues, despite the Redskins’ fabulous start to the 2011 season.

At the time that observation was typed, there was talk of “party decks” replacing unsold season tickets in the upper deck. Thousands and thousands of seats and row upon row of concrete have been removed from the stadium since, but no party decks have yet to materialize.

Yet all sorts of new and increasingly desperate marketing schemes subsequently came out of Redskins Park, including offers of free jerseys and even free extra tickets to the season opener for anybody willing to buy season tickets for 2011.

That first game turned out pretty good for the home team. Yet posters on the team-owned message board,, seem shocked and perhaps even a little embarrassed by the bargain-basement pricing of tickets for this weekend’s Cardinals game at FedExField in the secondary market.

Tales of $10 purchases and premium tickets going for 33 percent of their face value or less abound, and posters point to the inventory on StubHub, the internet scalpers’ clearinghouse, where tickets for Sunday’s game are being offered for as little as $19. There’s enough unsold seats floating around that if you’ve got blood to give, you can get tickets to the game for free from the Red Cross, also known as “The Official blood donation partner of the Washington Redskins!”

One concerned party asked Mark the Homer, a board moderator and Redskins Nation’s longtime guru of all ticket-related matters, if in all his years of gurudom he’d ever seen a softer market for Skins tickets.

“I would have to say no,” MTH posted.

Why aren’t people going back to FedEx? Is it hi-def TVs in rec rooms?