A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Strolling Away: A member of the Glover Park email list has taken it upon herself to warn the neighborhood about thieves targeting unattended strollers. She recounts that she had a “black Baby Jogger Summit XC stroller” taken from off her porch. Her advice to parents and other in the community: “Be sure to secure your stroller and be on the lookout for anyone you don’t recognize either checking out or taking a stroller. Two strollers on our block were stolen last night.”

Maniac Magee: Last June, a member of the New Hill East email list reported to the group that his wife has been followed home from the Eastern Market Metro station—and verbally assaulted along the way—by an unknown man. After that account, another member said he, too, had witnessed the man assaulting a woman. The original poster writes the list this week to alert members that he’s spotted the individual for the first time since then: “On my way home from work today (4:50pm) the individual who followed and verbally assaulted my wife last June is back on the streets; this is the first time I have seen him since last year. The individual was heading north at the corner of 10th and NC Ave…Today he was wearing a brown shirt and pants and carrying a red sweater. Just thought you would want to know for your information.”


Bugged Out: A resident wrote in to the Bloomingdale blog to discuss a growing problem in the area: mosquitos. There seems to be a large infestation that’s, well, bugging people. “Alleys are the worst but even waiting on the bus stop is enough for someone to be bitten badly,” the (presumably itchy) resident complains. Presently, no one has offered any solutions, though one would assume the best way is to eliminate areas for standing water, a known breeding ground for the pests.

Fighting for FIOS: Georgetown is one of the last neighborhoods on the list to receive Verizon FIOS, according to the Georgetown Metropolitan. In the meantime, the area is suffering from a lack of high definition channels and paying more to use Comcast. Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans “publicly complained about the fact Ward 2 was scheduled to get the service later,” the blog says. However, Evans’ efforts may have been in vain: Georgetown is still not set to receive service until 2015, or even 2018.