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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Bikeshare for the Masses: On the TakomaDC email list, members are discussing where in the neighborhood they’d like to see Capital Bikeshare stations plunked down. There’s agreement that the system should be expanded north to include Takoma, which is currently bereft of stations: “…Right now the nearest station is at 14th and Crittenden, which is a little over 2 2/3rds mile away. Not that far on a bicycle, of course, but for it to really work there needs to be at least several stations between here and there,” writes one. Another agrees: “I wonder if we could make a case for a bike share station at the metro and another station at the Recreation Center. I imagine that there might be a substantial number of people who use the metro to get to the pool who would hop on a bike to get between the two as fast as possible. This would also provide bikes for commuters who want to speed their trip to the metro and bikes for the smaller subset of people who are interested in the longer trips connecting to the rest of the network.”

Furniture District II? The Brightwoodian reports that Ruff n Ready, the overstuffed secondhand furniture store shuttering to make way for a third District Taylor Gourmet location, is moving north. The owners are relocating the store from its current space at 14th and T streets NW to 4722 14th Street NW, between Crittenden and Decatur, and hopes to open by Oct. 1.

To the Suburbs! Members of the Near Southeast email list were perturbed by loud music emanating from nearby Yard Park last night. After ANC6D07 Commissioner David Garber wrote, “I know that the park is rented out as a way to raise funds for it’s upkeep, but it’s important to me that this doesn’t become a nuisance,” another member issued this statement: ‘Lately there seem to be a ton of festivals and events in Yards Park, and I was wondering if the coordinators have any intention of communicating with neighborhood residents to let us know when events are happening and what areas of the park might not be accessible during those times.  The last couple of times we’ve walked over to hang out in the park and found there to be events going on, we’ve actually been blocked from even walking through the park to get from one side of the park to the other.  I understand they have events because they need to bring in revenue, but the park is supposed to be a public amenity and area residents should at least be notified somehow when it won’t be available for use.” Despite this being an incredibly well-reasoned complaint, another member shot back, “Go live in the suburbs.”

Chevy Chase, ISO: Members of the Chevy Chase email list are in pursuit of the following: “update on Broad Branch road repair,” “coats, clothes for the homeless,” “BMW mechanic,” somewhere to “replace crystal in watch,” “bicycle trailer for child,” “full-time nanny,” someone to draw, paint picture of house,” and a “lawyer for estate planning.”