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Newspapers may not sell as many ads these days, but we do still get swag: Publishers send along free books in search of reviews; TV networks send along DVDs of new shows they want to see touted.

Then there are the creative marketing types who seek media attention via less traditional gifts: Over the years, we’ve been mailed goodies including a corkscrew emblazoned with the logo of a West Virginia racetrack, a gumball machine decorated with a still from comedian George Lopez‘s TV show, multiple cartons of coconut water, and one life-sized (but stuffed) Kung Fu Panda.

And we don’t want any of that to stop!

So begins Swag Filter, our irregular roundup of stellar swag—a project designed to motivate the publicists, advertisers, and marketing types we usually spend our days dodging. From here on, we’ll reward stellar swag with its own blog post. Will we cover your crazy press conferences, product launches, or publicity tours? Almost certainly not. But we’ll mention them, or at least mention the tasty cupcakes you sent to promote them.

THE SWAG: One stuffed pony, one bag of Twizzlers, one brownie, and one macadamia nut cookie.

THE SPONSOR: Wells Fargo bank.

THE CAUSE: Wells Fargo wants the world to know it will announce its return to D.C. on Wednesday with a stagecoach procession down Pennsylvania Avenue and a roster of guests including D.C. Council members Jack Evans and Kwame Brown.

SWAG, EVALUATED: The pony turns out to be named Snowflake, and according to the promotional materials is “a legendary Wells Fargo pony.” Snowflake is soft and cuddly and has a real-looking mane. The brownie, according to our crack team of interns, “wasn’t as fudgy as a lot of brownies are.” The group differed on the cookie, though, with one member saying that “it’s, like, okay,” while another said it was “kind of bland.” Several of the Twizzlers disappeared after the open bag was left on a counter in the kitchen of City Paper‘s offices.