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Oof, complaining about ticket prices to Howard Homecoming week events was certainly the standard when I was in school, but this year, grumblings about the increased $35-$50 ticket prices (per event! before fees!) are getting pretty loud.

They range from the simple: “Howard homecoming tickets price are really expensive this year” to the resigned, “I Guess Homecoming Finna Be Major Cause Howard Tryna Break A B*tch Pockets. Approx. $500 For All The Events.”

Yesterday, students filled Cramton Auditorium to capacity to hear about the dozen or so events that will run the week of Oct. 10. Yes, that was the entire event: Sit in the auditorium, listen to hype music, and cheer when they announced that Young Jeezy would be performing at Yardfest (the only free event). And yes, it was probably really fun.

Tickets to the Greek Step Show run $50—-which, considering how long step shows run these days, probably breaks down to about $10 per hour of entertainment. Still, as one Twitter user put it: “Jesus and the 12 disciples must be stepping at the Howard Homecoming for the tickets to be 50 bucks…. #justsaying.”