Bicycle use, quite famously, has exploded in the District over the past decade. And it’s equally well known that the force of that blast has caused some political divisions.

But not all of the bike brawling has been of the electoral variety: In May, after a Camaro accidentally rammed a bike in the 1800 block of Adams Mill Road NW, an actual brawl broke out. Cyclists Ian Barry and Saul Leiken told City Desk that after the vehicle skidded into a bike lane and threw Barry onto its windshield, the driver of the Camaro and several of its passengers got out and attacked the duo.

On Wednesday, the bikers had their day in court. Driver Demarcus Boulware, after having pleaded guilty to one count of simple assault, was sentenced.

So will Boulware do hard time, warning all frustrated sports car owners drivers off punching it out with cyclist they’ve just potentially mangled? Not likely. Boulware was given a suspended jail sentence of 50 days and a year’s worth of probation. Though that’s fitting since it was his first offense, it’s unlikely to scare any bullying drivers straight.

Leiken, who was at the Superior Court sentencing and watched Boulware make nice in front of the judge, wasn’t exactly impressed. “I’m conflicted. No priors, but at the same time he showed little remorse in his apology to me (didn’t look me in the face),” he tells City Desk via tweet. Leiken, who managed to photograph the cars license plate as he was being punched and kicked—-he turned the pic over to police who used it as evidence—- suspects it could all happen again. “I’m also not confident that he’ll take responsibility for his actions BEFORE an arrest warrant is issued next time.” Boulware’s lawyer couldn’t immediately be reached.

In any event, you can bet that bike versus driver disputes will continue in a city where the bike has come to symbolize various divides.

Meanwhile, happy Car-Free-Day, Washington!