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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Shut Your Mouth: ANC 1A Commissioner Kent Boese (also the author of Park View DC) wrote on the Columbia Heights email list to inform a constituent, “While we were able to add the amendment of your VA to the agenda of the last ANC meeting, [by] the time we got to that item Commissioner Lenwood Johnson had left the meeting reducing the number of commissioners present to five. We need at least six for a quorum. Because of this, we were not able to take a vote.” Commissioner Johnson didn’t take kindly to Boese’s exceedingly pleasant and neutral explanation, and shot back, “You’re a lowlife! I was under no obligation to stay until the very end of the meeting. Other commissioners left before the meeting’s end; why couldn’t I?” Other members of the list rightfully called out Lenwood: “In fact, if this is representative of your attitude, then I’d go so far as saying that you are holding back this community and that you should resign your post in favor of an individual with a firmer grasp on proper professional decorum. Nobody accused you of anything or made any kind of false statements against you or said that you were not allowed to leave the meeting. Your comment was from so far afield that it was almost comical. Sadly, however, there’s nothing here to laugh at,” one wrote. This didn’t deter Lenwood from acting increasingly unprofessional; in a subsequent message, he wrote, “If you need something to be embarrassed about, be embarrassed by your own bitchassness.” New Columbia Heights breaks down the exchange further—and recommends a recall of Lenwood.

Don’t Go Back to…:
One of the longest-running blogs reporting on the U Street corridor and Logan Circle is on “extended hiatus.” “We weren’t kidnapped, we just moved. A couple of weeks ago, the 14thandyous packed up and moved north to Montgomery County. And before we get the questions, yes, we are well-aware of the juxtapositions between a neighborhood like Logan and our new suburban stomping grounds. We have a number of reasons for making the move (and no, mom and dad, a forthcoming little 14thandyou is NOT among them), but thus far the move hasn’t been as painful as we initially expected it to be,” writes 14th & You. Neighborhood News Roundup will greatly miss the blog’s insight, but has faith in its eventual return.

FedExed: On Wednesday, BaancBlog posted about a suspicious FedEx truck that parked by Modern Liquor, but did not deliver anything. The driver proceeded to drive the wrong way on the one-way street on the 900 block of M Street NW, stopped, and backed up into Blagden Alley. The blogger writes, “Didn’t see any truck numbers and by the time the editor got over his dumbfoundment he couldn’t see the license plate.”

Le Who?: There are several neighborhoods in the District with head scratching names such as Kalorma, Sursum Corda and Swampoodle, but it none have problems with their pronunciation quite like LeDroit Park. Left for LeDroit points out confusion among residents and even Councilmember Jim Graham: “Is it pronounced LEE-Droyt and luh-DROYT?” And Twitter user asked the author of the post, “Does anybody pronounce it Luh-Dwah, like a Frenchman?”