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Hey, riders of the 90s—-that is, bus routes 90, 92, and the elusive 93—-WMATA has a gift for you:

Rather than using a traditional timetable, buses will operate based on “time frequency” — every 15 minutes on Route 90 between Anacostia Station and Duke Ellington Bridge and every 15 minutes on Route 92 between Congress Heights Station and 14th & U streets, NW.  (At stops served by both bus routes, service will operate every 7-8 minutes.) Dedicated street supervisors will manage the flow of buses to minimize bus “bunching” and maintain a 15-minute frequency at each of the terminals.

The new Circulator-style timing started yesterday. A bunch of other lines will also see more frequent stops and “improved connections.” For riders of the N8 (according to the release, there aren’t many of you), that bus line is being discontinued.  Hopefully Metro’s “dedicated street supervisors” (whom I’ve occasionally observed socializing with bus drivers more than keeping them on schedule) will take care of business. Check the release to see if your bus line is being affected.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery