Feeling Poorly: So Washington’s economy is better than most other places, right? Unfortunately, even those of with solid jobs have reason to feel a little lighter in the wallet than they once did: For the first time since 1979, D.C. area salary growth lagged behind inflation this year, according to a new salary survey. But, you say, isn’t inflation puny. It is! Alas, your most recent raise may have been even punier: Metro area salaries grew by a paltry 0.04 percent in 2011. -3

Sausage Party in Georgetown: Chef Jamie Stachowski, whoseStachowski Brand Charcuterie is well-known among folks who buy their kielbasa at area farmer’s markets, is apparently getting ready to open a storefront in Georgetown. He’s also known for his role on the History Channel’s Meat America program, which means that—if things go well—locals will have yet another food-TV celeb storefront to avoid in a neighborhood already famous for its tourist-engorged cupcake lines. +2

Antonin Scalia, R.A.: Intellectual titan of the Supreme Court, judicial warrior of the American right…opiner about D.C.-area campus residential policies? Yes, Justice Antonin Scalia devoted chunk of a speech in Pittsburgh this weekend to defending Catholic University’s recent move to banish co-ed dorms from its Brookland campus. Catholic’s policy has recently been the subject of a sex-discrimination complaint from public-interest lawyer John Banzhaf. So watch out, you sophomores planing to sneak into the girls’ dorm: the Supreme Court won’t save you. -2

It’s Trust Fall Time: WTOP reports that Metro has shelled out $15,000 for a leadership coach, who will presumably lead the agency’s top officials through some really tough, physically demanding exercises—like alliterative introduction games and that incredibly frustrating human knot thing. “Metro sources say there are strained relationships between department heads,” notes WTOP. Since $15,000 is the cost of about 5,000 really long Metrorail rides, those trust falls better sooth things over. -2

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