A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Possibly Past “Up-and-Coming”?: “Has Columbia Heights made it?” ponders New Columbia Heights. A protest for Troy Davis in Park Triangle last week caused the blog to reflect on how the neighborhood is considered, as it was “the first big protest or rally I can remember that I’ve seen in the neighborhood, and it wasn’t about something specific to the neighborhood.” The blog continues, “I think that says a lot: the neighborhood has grown so much that big public events are now staged here. That’s wild. It’s almost like we’re a downtown now, a major draw for people. There isn’t much in the way of 9-5 jobs, like offices, but there are enough stores and restaurants and people that people are just here.”

Definitely Still Up-and-Coming: A member of the Shepherd Park email list recently reminded fellow readers that Ward 4 businesses will need some love and attention following the closure of Walter Reed: “…Business at many of  the retail and restaurant establishments on Geogia Avenue going north to the Maryland-D.C. line has dropped 20 percent, and more in some cases. I have been told of layoffs, curtailed hours, and lack of  customer traffic in the past week and a half — and this is down from  the reduced level of business activity as Walter Reed started winding  down earlier this year. This, I believe, is the time for us as citizens, residents and  neighbors to make a conscious effort to redirect our dollars toward our  businesses along Georgia Avenue.” The Brightwoodian assembles all sorts of pro-local business sentiment of late into a nice manifesto for nearby residents looking for a way to support their neighborhood (and has a handy “Cool Businesses in Ward 4” page, too).

Foxy: The Georgetown Metropolitan reports a somewhat rare fox sighting: “GM was looking out his window the other day and saw the this little guy hanging out in the parking lot of Oak Hill Cemetery. It’s a red fox. According to the National Park Service, this guy is part of a small population in Rock Creek. Apparently, there are about 6-8 fox dens in the park.” Of the fox, which apparently looked “comfortable,” one commenter writes, “I saw one on campus once, after a late night at the ‘library.’ Scared the living bejesus out of me.”

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie: In a thread titled “mouse expert needed,” a member of the Crestwood email list writes, “Can anyone recommend a good mouse or rodent expert. We have a mouse (or more) in one of our walls.” Several hours later, the same list member sends another request: “Can anyone recommend someone who tests air quality in homes. I have become extremely allergic in one of the rooms of our home.” Perhaps it’s the mouse’s fault.