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Sell Your Wine! AOL founder Steve Case—who once upon a time was going to show the world that greater Washington’s capitalists could be as powerful as its bureaucrats—is in the process of buying a Virginia winery. Which, for anyone who remembers how well AOL’s Time Warner takeover went, can only mean one thing: Dump your vintner stocks! +1

Open For Business: Boundary Stone opens tonight in Bloomingdale on the heels of the Shaw’s Tavern’s disastrous attempt at legal operation. Boundary Stone kept their opening pretty quiet and have apparently managed to get all of their permits in order. Can’t wait to try the deviled eggs! +2

So, There Won’t Be 231,000 New Jobs In D.C.? The Daily Caller “reported” that the Environmental Protection Agency wants to hire 231,000 new employees. Somehow this made it onto the website in spite of the fact that the agency currently has fewer than 20,000 employees—and, oh yeah, the EPA was actually arguing for lighter regulations so that they wouldn’t have to hire the 231,000 employees they’d need to carry out tough regs. The DC doubled down on their absurd claim today, unsurprisingly. -3

Dispatch From Disaster Day: DCist’s Martin Austermuhle did the dirty work and checked out the massive disaster exercise at RFK stadium today. Apparently District officials opted not to do a post-apocalyptic scenario and instead settled on a plain old hurricane. +2

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