A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Historically Black or Historically Diverse? After looking at some turn of the century Census maps, In Shaw wants to “change the narrative” about whether Shaw is a historically black neighborhood: In “1880 and 1910 the neighborhood looked pretty white, 1900 and 1920 it looks diverse and 1930 it is very black. It will be interesting to see what the 1940 census brings, but I guess the neighborhood becomes even more African American thus adding to the current narrative that this is an historically African American neighborhood. Which in 1930 it predominately was, no doubt. However, I like the diverse neighborhood narrative. I have no illusions of thinking that people, black and white and the odd Chinese guy, lived in harmony. They may have, they may not have. Yet, I think looking at our neighborhood history with a focus on its racial diversity may be more helpful to those of us living in the present, with its diversity.”

Men Can Holla Back Too: The 42 Bus wants the men of D.C. to stop street harassing women, and says it’s on other dudes to speak up: “I’ve been trying something new, speaking up when I see it. Once, on a bus, it got a little iffy + too close for comfort. But since I’ve been cursed out before by people I actually care about, it’s no big deal getting the same treatment from some rando dude on the 54 bus. Of course this can get tricky because the offenders can get really defensive or loud & aggressive, but really, they have to be called out by other guys for this to work.”

Old Foam For an Old Dog: A member of the New Hill East email list has a request: “I am caring for an elderly dog and need a piece of foam about 2.5 ft by 2 feet to replace her bedding inside section. The eggcrate foarm like people use for health reasons would be fine too.”

Lower Georgia Avenue Gets Heritage Trail Signs: Park View D.C. notes that the historic signage is appearing. “In Park View, signs 17 (Morton Street & Georgia) and 18 (Park Road & Georgia) have been installed. Sign 16 located at Kenyon — which is devoted to Park View — did not appear to be installed yet.”