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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

To Walk or Not To Walk: A post on the blog Greater Greater Washington has sparked controversy amongst commentors about traffic congestion due to driving children to school. The original post suggested parents should encourage their children to walk to school in Fairfax County because it would benefit them and the environment. “No one wins under the current system. Taxpayers pay too much for kids to get to school, parents lose valuable time serving as chauffeurs, and kids forfeit an opportunity to learn independence and healthy habits. And, of course, everyone suffers when traffic swells,” they wrote. This didn’t go over so well with the parents, mostly because the majority of the comments surrounded the issue if waiting for kids at the bus stop was acceptable or not. “Wow. Parents are really overprotective these days. My mother waited with me at the bus stop once, on my first day of kindergarden. After that, I was on my own,” an independent commenter wrote. Another parent thinks, “Also, the image of you standing at the school bus stop with your child is creepy and weird. Did your parents do that with you?”

Golf Gang: A group of preppy men are evidently terrorizing a field behind the Takoma Recreational Center with their illegal golf swinging. A member of the Takoma Park email list sends out a message that reads, “We have had men using the field beside the tennis courts as a practice range. Now we have golf balls left on the field for soccer players to step on a hurt an ankle, bare spots in the grass from the divots near the tennis practice wall, golf balls in our yards for lawn mowers to run over and parked cars being struck? One neighbor had a broken car window facing the park, but isn’t sure how it happened. Makes you wonder.” Someone please direct these unruly men to a legitimate golf course!

Keep it Personal: A member of the Tenleytown email list is annoyed with the amount of back and forth that takes place on email threads. She writes, “When someone posts a personal messages (i.e. ad for sale items or a search for a nanny), you should not respond to everyone or the Tenleytown listserve group. Instead, look at the bottom of the message and there will be options on how to either respond to the sender, to the group, etc. The best practice would be to reply only to the sender (see below).” (Hopefully nobody actually follows this advice, as it could put a severe dent in our news roundups.)

Cooking with the President: Look no further than the Chevy Chase email list for all of your holiday needs. A member of the list is planning on purchasing all of the editions of the Congressional Cookbook and is offering to sell a few to someone who is equally interested in cooking like members of the government. The member writes, “My wife and I are planning our Holiday gift-giving with something special from the nation’s capital. We plan to purchase at least four copies of the ‘Congressional Cookbook,’ an elegant book with recipes contributed by members of Congress, the Supreme Court, their wives, among others. We were given the 1993 edition years ago with its leather-like binding, and know how special it is. Its first edition came out in 1927. You can Google it, of course. The current edition is the 14th. It costs $53 per copy. I’m considering buying a case of 12 for $535, or about $44.60 each, no S&H, delivered to our home. We will keep four or five copies. Any interest in going in on the case lot?”