Dan Snyder, Yachtsman: Last month, the Washington Post recounted how Redskins owner Dan Snyder, disillusioned after yet another Jim Zorn-era loss, hopped aboard the team’s private jet on a lark in the middle of the night to fly off to Colorado to chat with Mike Shanahan, who in due time became his next coach. Well, if Shanahan goes the way of Zorn, Steve Spurrier et al, the owner now has the ability to abruptly seek out talent even farther from home: The Post reports that Snyder is a new owner of the 224-foot Lady Anne, a $70-or-so million “superyacht” and one of the 100 biggest yachts on earth. Attention, coaches who live on distant islands: Send out for breakfast burritos ASAP. +1

No Laws For You! Political comment guy Chuck Thies isn’t into the idea of the cyclist protection law floated by the Washington Area Bicyclist Association. Writing at HuffPostDC, Thies complains: “WABA, though, believes that bicyclists should be assigned to an exceptional class.” I’d argue that being a solo bicyclist with only the protection of a helmet and one’s skin while surrounded by impatient, steel-encased drivers is fairly exceptional. -2

Dress For Less: The H Street NE corridor may be the place to see gentrification on the march, what with its steady procession of new bars and funky restaurants and other urbanist darlings. But nearby Benning Road is a hotspot for the other new type of vendor entering the District: Suburban chains. The latest newcomer, announced by Mayor Vince Gray this morning: Ross, the discount clothing store. According to the Washington Business Journal, Gray’s office says 60 District residents have been hired already. Forty-two were previously unemployed (thereby entitling the firm to benefits under a new city initiative). Here’s hoping the benefits mean our new Hagar chinos are even less expensive! +2

Asterisk: New Columbia Heights reports  the Tivoli Giant is handing out fliers advertising that all registers will now be open from 4-8 p.m. daily. One question, though: The fliers include a mysterious asterisk that leads to nowhere. What could it be? All registers will be open when…there are enough people to staff them? We must know! +1

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