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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Pub Brawl: Members of the Cleveland Park email list have voiced their complaints about the exchange of Irish pubs in the neighborhood. Many mourned the loss of  the hangout Four Fields—and strongly objected the possibility of a McFadden’s opening nearby. One commenter writes: “Here I think we should draw the line. There are many young people in this neighborhood, there are many schools, we do not need to support a place built on a business model of bachelorette parties and wild drinking. Look at the website. I am not a prude, I would be less upset if this were a strip club—they don’t usually bring in people by the busload. I am sounding an alarm, I don’t really know what we can do at this stage. But maybe if you respond to this post the executives at McFadden will get the message and go elsewhere. I would certainly suggest people send a message to their ANC representative. And yes, I get the irony that I am writing about a modern day saloon while the series on prohibition is broadcast on PBS.”

Mosque Music: In Shaw reports that music emanating from a mosque on 4th Street NW was far too loud for an early Wednesday morning. The blog also thought the religious service was too long: “And the caller was a little long. Just when I thought he was done, he threw on some more.” Yet no formal complaint was filed with the religious institution. “Will I bother contacting anyone about the 4th Street Mosque being loud? Nope. Just going to try to record when they are annoying loud in the morning.”

[Don’t] Sell Your Home: Shepherd Park email list users are fed up with certain signs around the neighborhood that advertise a service to help sell homes. One person writes, “Is anyone else bothered by the ‘Sell your house in 9 days’ signs that have been recently tacked onto the light posts in Shepherd Park? Gives our neighborhood all the ambiance of a depressed foreclosure- ridden area and would certainly discourage folks looking for a place to raise a family. I called the number on the sign – the guy who answered said he lives in Sterling, Va. I told him the signs were illegal and asked him to remove them. I invite any of you to do the same.”

Forum Fears: Some Adams Morgan residents are afraid to post on the email list. One subscriber attempts to set them straight: “There are many residents in Adams Morgan who are FEARFUL to post on the listservs because of the vitriol, attacks, and general negativity. They asked me to post their opinions and feelings. One attended the last KCA meeting and was impressed by Wes Combs, but unhappy with the conduct of the meeting. I will now tell them they need to sign up and post for themselves.”