D.C.'s Gay Marriage Day last year

At least according to the latest census numbers. The District has 18.1 gay couples per 1,000 households.(Vermont is second, with 8.4 gay couples.) That adds up to 4,822 gay couples in the city. Oddly enough, states with lower rates actually have more gay couples raising children: In North Dakota, where there are only 559 gay couples, 21 percent are raising kids. In D.C., only 9 percent are raising children, which is the lowest number out of all of the jurisdictions listed.

Granted, D.C. is being compared to states, not cities (of cities, San Francisco is the most gay, with 30.25 couples per 1,000 households) so maybe we should just take the numbers as a sign of growing equality: Just like everyone else who can afford to do so, gay couples move to the suburbs to raise their kids.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery