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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Color Me Bad: The Georgetown Metropolitan reports that Vornado Realty Trust, which owns the Georgetown Park Mall, is removing many of its stores, “taking out over 12% of Georgetown’s small independent businesses.” The blog’s post brought mixed opinions from commenters. One said, “I hate the place and agree that it’s depressing. But, there are three (maybe four?) women-owned businesses in the mall that I love and frequent.” However, another commenter did not feel that people should be so upset about what Vornado plans to do with their building: “I may not like the paint color that my neighbor chose for their house…but they bought the house and so they get to pick the color. If I was so concerned about preserving the color, I should have bought the house and then I could do what I want with it.”

Now It’s Overhead: In Shaw witnessed a high-speed chase yesterday: “While in the front, watering and broadcasting I observed about 3 or 4 marked police vehicles and one unmarked vehicle race up and down my street.” The police were also on foot, looking around the back alley and the blog’s neighbor’s backyard, when “ the helicopter shows up circling the block.” In the end, two men were captured for unknown reasons.

Rush Hour: Penn Quarter residents may have had a tough time getting home last night, according to The Penn Quarter Insider—but it wasn’t any fault of the Metro system, or even regular traffic. Rather, the bevy of protests—including Stop the Machine group and its united partner, Occupy D.C—were spreading throughout downtown, shouting, “Where are the jobs?”

Cleveland Park, ISO: Members of the Cleveland Park email list are seeking the following: “playgroup or toddler classes,” “lawn mower,” “back/spine orthopedists,” “double stroller,” “electric adding machine (aka printing calculator),” “place to get ring re-sized,” “fibromyalgia specialist or fantastic rheumatologist,” “chemistry tutor,” delivery by bicycle” for a farmshare, and “old white sheets.”