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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Sometimes a Bar Isn’t Just a Bar: Following a lengthy discussion of just what the arrival of McFadden’s might mean to the neighborhood, moderators of the Cleveland Park email list held a poll to determine precisely how people were feeling. Prompted the poll, “McFadden’s, www.mcfaddensdc. com, may be coming to the spot occupied by Ireland’s Four Fields. This possibility is stirring controversy. What are your feelings about McFadden’s restaurant coming to Cleveland Park?” The results?

Thumbs up for McFadden’s, 5.71%
Thumbs down, 23.57%
A bar’s a bar – I don’t care, 8.93%
It’s totally wrong for Cleveland Park, 24.07%
I like this kind of bar/restaurant, 2.73%
McFadden’s beats having the spot sit empty, 19.85%
Don’t prejudge – see how it works out, 15.14%

Unfortunately for all nitpicky statisticians out there, the moderators didn’t include the sample size.

No, Call a Plumber: One member of the Shepherd Park email list broadcasts, “There is a smell of gas in the atmosphere around 12th and Juniper Streets. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this, and what can be done to find the source.” Another members writes back with the obvious answer: “Call Washington Gas and they will come out to investigate.”


Chevy Chase Problems: In a thread titled, “Non Deliveries of New Yorker magazine,” a member of the Chevy Chase email list writes, “For twice in the past three weeks, my New Yorker magazine was not delivered. Three weeks ago, it did not come. Two weeks ago, I received the correct issue, and then the day later, I received the issue I should have received a week before. This week, no issues came. This is getting discouraging.” The member also requests, “For my the 20015 zip code, does anyone know what station to call and the name of a postal supervisor[?]” Another post on the same list alerts members to “a suspicious guy driving silver Mercedes”: “As we were leaving our house last week with carry-ons for a few days R&R out of town, we noticed a black driver in a silver Mercedes pulled up on the street opposite our house, looking at our and our neighbor’s houses. We hid our bags, took a photo from our porch, then I went down to take a photo of the tag, but before I could pass the car, the driver drove off.”

Water, Water, Palisades: “We have yellow/brown water coming from our taps on Arizona Ave. I have read posts about this issue on Potomac. Is anyone else having this issue and does anyone have advice?” writes a member of the Palisades email lists. Other members quickly chime in with similar anecdotes: “We are having the same issue on Cathedral Avenue. Please share what WASA reports,” writes one, while another says, “DC WASA told me yesterday they were doing work on a main & valves on MacArthur until at least 4 PM yesterday. We were actually without water for a while and it still looks funny.”