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Young men play poker, and the Post is on it:

Long identified with saloons, cigars and Mississippi riverboats, poker in recent years has found an unlikely home: in dormitory rooms, on the computer screens of clever young men. [Eric] Froehlich won a major World Series of Poker tournament in 2005 at 21, making him the youngest winner of a coveted poker “bracelet,” until he was eclipsed by three players who were younger still.

“Gamblers are no longer gangsters with guns,” said Justin Vingelis, 22, a poker player who graduated in May from James Madison University. “They are nerds with calculators.”

I don’t know. There was probably some point in recent history when someone other than gun-toting gangsters and males born after 1989 played poker.

Photo by Viri G via Flickr / Creative Commons Attribution Generic 2.0 License