When you imagine the kind of person who gets busted for pot distribution, you don’t imagine Bobby Muller. The internationally respected  peace advocate—-who sports a shock of white hair and lives in a Ritz-Carlton penthouse—-has been elbow-to-elbow with Washington pols. The wheelchair-bound former marine also founded Vietnam Veterans of America and helped start the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, a non-profit that garnered the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997. Nonetheless, on Wednesday, Muller was arraigned on marijuana distribution charges in D.C. Superior Court.

Muller is accused of trying to send a pound of pot to another veteran through the mail, according to charging documents. Police say they intercepted the parcel. A manager of the FedEx store Muller allegedly used to commit the crime told police Muller had come around to dispatch packages before, and that he was memorable on account of his wheelchair and his unique sounding laugh, which was similar to the laugh of “one of the characters from the film Revenge of the Nerds,” say filings.

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