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Jonathan L. Fischer dissects the lyrics of Arlington rapper-turned-Occupy-protester, Remy Munasifi in his new video for the libertarian

Come gather young people, come and join your hands/We’re taking Wall Street and we’re making demands/And we’re heeding the call and we’re crying for help/Only 1 percent of us have wealth

Translation: By choosing a melody and rhyme scheme suggestive of Bob Dylan‘s iconic protest song “The Times They Are a-Changin’,” I hope to juxtapose the incoherent “Occupy Wall Street” protests with the widely-agreed-to-be-worthwhile social movements of the 1960s!

But first we need posters, we need to make signs/But to do so it seems that we need some supplies/We need poster board, I can’t make it myself/But it’s 10 cents a sheet at the store it’s on sale/An example of economies of scale/it’s so evil

Translation: Because anti-capitalist protesters need to buy things to mount their anti-capitalism protests, they are hypocrites!

They’re saying that freedom’s done little to stop/corporations from keeping the wealth at the top/But at what point in history could a kid and a king/both have clean water to drink?

Translation: You should not complain about the 9.1 percent unemployment rate given that you are able to fill up your Nalgene!

I think Jonathan may be onto something here. Check out the rest of his post.