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I suppose it’s possible Michelle Obama took Bo to PetCo—-there are two in the District—-but I’m not sure I buy her reasoning for why no one noticed. She told Today: “I actually took Bo to Petco and the cashier asked me, ‘Oh, what kind of dog is that?’ I said, ‘a Portuguese water dog.’ He didn’t recognize us because he didn’t expect that we would be in Petco.”

I don’t know what people ‘expect’ but if a 5’11” black lady showed up at my cash register in Cleveland Park with Secret Service in tow, I’d sure as heck take notice, no matter what kind of dog she had. I can’t help but think she’s doing some damage control after all of the accusations that the photos of her at an Alexandria Target were staged.

But if we take Obama at her word, note that she says she also hits up Chipotle on occasion. So now that we do know where to expect her, just be cool, you guys.

Photo by tedeytan via Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution Generic 2.0 License