Do Not Walk It Out: The Atlantic Cities reports that walkable cities aren’t always the ones you think. Cities with hot summers, especially, tend to be not-so-good for walkability. The District scored 73, putting it on the low end of the “Somewhat Walkable” spectrum, and dangerously close to “Car Dependent.” Don’t tell the density hawks! -2

Trash Talk At Freedom Plaza: Building owners near the Occupy D.C. Freedom Plaza protest are worried about the trash and safety of the site, says Richard Bradley, executive director of the Downtown Business Improvement District: “Some people said they will be there for four months. Are there propane in those tents? There are health issues, there are safety issues associated with that.” The owners are also concerned about cooking with open flames and “overnight stays.” They don’t really seem to get how occupying works. +1

If You Hit It, Please Don’t Quit It: Hit-and-runs are up in the area, with 16 out of 20 ending in fatalities.  AAA’s Lon Anderson says, “People who are engaged in hit-and-runs are (leaving the scene) because there is something they are very frightened about staying. Whether they were driving drunk or whether they didn’t have the proper credentials to drive.” Anderson recommends prosecuting drivers—-but how does one prosecute the drivers who get away? -4

Tornado Watch! D.C. and surrounding suburbs are currently under a tornado watch until 11 p.m. Normally we’d tell you to run out of your homes screaming, but now that city officials have said staying put is the correct response to emergencies, perhaps that’s what you should do. +2

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