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Remain vigilant as you exit this building

The Metropolitan Police Department has sent a warning to early tech adopters (like, say, folks picking up the new iPhone 4S this week): Don’t make yourself a target. Or, as they put it in a release, “be cautious when making electronic purchases, particularly on days of new releases, when popular devices and gadgets are being sold for the first time.” They also include a list of tips:

1) If online tracking systems, like MobileMe, are available, get the extra assistance in the store for setup before exiting the store.

2) Don’t be distracted as you exit local cell phone stores and other electronic specialty stores that sell these items. Be deliberate as you exit these stores, concealing your purchase(s) and focusing on getting to your next destination. Cell phones and other music devices are major distractions when in use.

3) Report suspicious people (inside and outside stores). Inside, (these are people who are paying more attention to the purchases being made, rather than checking out new products), especially in smaller stores. Outside, suspicious people standing at or near the exit, for no real purpose should be reported.

4) Try to shop with a friend. Most victims who report crimes that involve snatching new products are people who have shopped alone. If you have an elderly or senior citizen parent, please make preparations to accompany him/her to make these kinds of purchases or suggest online ordering.

5) Never hesitate to point out suspicious activity or people to local officers or security guards. Remember the “See Something, Say Something” campaign and dial 9-1-1 if you need an officer dispatched to your location.

Photo by blakespot via Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution Generic 2.0 License