A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Twenty Blocks Off 34th: Home goods and gift shop Pulp, one of the first retail outlets on the 14th Street corridor, isn’t closing after all, reports Borderstan. Writes the blog, “When the store’s thought-to-be demise was announced Sept. 27, the current owner of Pulp was in the process of selling to new owners, but the business deal fell through. The original owner, Ron Henderson, died in February 2009. PULP also had a Provincetown, Mass., store for several years as well as a Capitol Hill location.” Instead, local owners will take over.

/mayor4life: Congress Heights on the Rise scans a mailer distributed by Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry, which trumpets, “Poverty and Academic Failure: A Vicious Cycle That We Have to, and Must Break!” and “Councilmember Barry Brings Prosperity and New Hope to Ward 8.” The flyer also includes a web address for the councilmember’s newly established Twitter account—so new, in fact, that he hasn’t even issued a single tweet. One commenter on Congress Heights on the Rise writes, “is this a joke?”

Dude, Where’s My Car? “How long does a car have to be on the street, unmoved, before it’s considered abandoned? There’s a car in front of my house that hasn’t moved in a month and neither my neighbor nor I recognize it. I’m happy to call the city about it but wanted to make sure that it has sat long enough,” asks a member of the Tenleytown email list. In response, another writes, “Well that would be a bit nuts. I park on the street as I don’t have a driveway and travel for work and am sometimes gone for up to two weeks. I come home and my vehicle is towed because I’ve been away? I have to leave a note that says ‘vehicle not abandoned, owner away on business’ so that someone can then steal it?”

Shepherd Park Piano Movers: On the Shepherd Park email list, a member asks, “Can anyone recommend a company (or a couple of strong guys with a truck) to move a small piano about 6 miles across town? No difficult terrain involved and very few steps (less than 5).  Also looking for recommendations for a reasonably priced piano tuner.” It takes a few responses for someone to offer an actual service; in the meantime, two other members chime in: “YES I so need a piano tuner…..a good one!!!!!!!!! !” and “Me too!”