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Surprising GOP presidential frontrunner Herman Cain was in town over the weekend, doing a photo shoot with GQ. The Eastern Market Metro Community Association blog reports that the businessman—-who’s been the subject of many jokes because he once ran Godfather’s Pizza—-had words with a passerby who apparently said, “The next time you give me a speech on tax policy, find out your facts.”

More interesting than the 9-9-9 Plan (and what isn’t?) was that Cain was spotted doing the shoot at Seventh Hill Pizza. It’s an odd choice, considering all of the pie jokes being made about him. Sure, GQ probably wanted to shoot there, but Cain could have said no, and visited the Federal Reserve instead (maybe with a pitchfork and torch, to court the Tea Party crowd). After all, he sat on one of the Fed’s regional boards for several years because, as he wrote in his recently released memoir, it was “prestigious.”

Photo by kspidel via Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution Generic 2.0 License