Just as we hoped they would for the purpose of continuing this blog serial, the Knights of Friendship Collegiate have quickly rebounded from their first loss of the year to ecclesiastical New Jersey football factory Bergen Catholic.

Regular readers will remember that Friendship couldn’t overcome Bergen Catholic’s passing game and unfair Constitutional advantage over our Knights in something called the State Pride Challenge bowl.

But over the past weekend, Friendship got right back on the bus and headed North to New York to face Poly Prep Country Day School, a private and hoity-toity institution founded in 1854 that now charges $34,289 a year tuition* and sits on a former golf course in Brooklyn.

I’ll now hijack this post to answer the question on everybody’s mind: There was once a golf course in Brooklyn?


But while that track is long gone now, our Knights found enough holes in the Country Day Schoolers’ game plan to vanquish the hosts, 35-28.

Poly Prep’s biggest mistake came in scheduling Friendship Collegiate as a homecoming foe. That’s so 2005 of them!

Knights’ coach Aazaar Abdul-Rahim remembers when he founded Friendship Collegiate’s football program in the middle of the last decade, everybody wanted to make his team their homecoming date. He doesn’t play that any more!

With the win, Friendship brought its record to 6-1 on the season and reclaimed its status as the Nation’s Best Football Team That Uses a Storage Bin as a Locker Room.

The Country Day Schoolers, meanwhile, remained the Nation’s Best Football Team at a School That Charges $34,289 a Year Tuition and Sits on a Former Golf Course in Brooklyn.

This week, the Knights travel to scenic Waldorf, Md., to match up with North Point, a school that has thrived this season (6-2 record through Friday) despite the fact that I’ve never heard of ’em.

Coach Rahim’s biggest obstacle in preparing to face North Point will be to keep his kids from looking forward a week to The Brawl for It All™: A bout with defending Turkey Bowl champions H.D. Woodson on Oct. 28 under the Friday Night Lights at the Warriors’ new house.

Since Friendship, being a charter school, is not eligible for the Turkey Bowl, the Friendship/Woodson winner will have a legitimate claim to D.C. prep football supremacy.

Given the incredible stakes, I predict you’ll be able to cut the tension with a knife by game time!

(But please don’t try to test this prediction by bringing a knife to the Friendship/Woodson game, because your weapon will be confiscated by the Oz-like security staff at the gate of all DCIAA games and you will be arrested and miss The Brawl for It All™.)

Keep the dial right here as we follow the Knights all fall, or at least for as long as they make us look good for jumping on the Friendship bandwagon!

*Please be aware that Poly Prep’s $34,289 annual tuition DOES NOT count the $200 “new student registration fee”