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Occupy Half-Smokes: The District was protest central yesterday, with marches tied to the MLK Jr. Memorial dedication overlapping with the ongoing Occupy D.C. encampments in Freedom Plaza and McPherson Square. Raheem DeVaughn and Cornel West were arrested outside the Supreme Court in one march, against the Citizens United decision that essentially found corporations had a protected First Amendment right to buy elections. Authorities have decided not to press charges in the case, though; DeVaughn and West celebrated their freedom at Ben’s Chili Bowl. Whose chili cheese fries? Our chili cheese fries! +3

Look Out Below: This summer’s earthquake has proven to be quite a boon to structural engineers who are also trained at rappelling down buildings. First a team examined cracks in the Washington Monument; now the same rope-toting experts are looking at quake damage on the National Cathedral. They may soon be available for weddings and bar mitzvahs, too. +1

No Profanity, Please, We’re Post Readers: Want to keep your kids from learning dirty words? Get home delivery of The Washington Post! Ombudsman Patrick B. Pexton reported this weekend on the various words Post editors won’t allow to be published in the District’s daily journal; because his column appears in the paper, he couldn’t actually say what the words were. But we can, based on his clues: Damn, hell, bullshit, bitch, fuck, and suck. Now back to your regular profanity-free Post stories, already in progress. -1

Gross, Man: Before it even had a chance to get rolling, the Sexy Rexy Era is over in Washington. Quarterback Rex Grossman was benched in the Redskins’ 20-13 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday at FedEx Field, but only after he managed to throw not one, not two, not three, but four interceptions, helping to guarantee the visitors’ success. Ordinarily, news that a lousy quarterback like Grossman had been replaced would be welcome, but the other QB is John Beck, who hadn’t actually appeared in an NFL game since 2007 before yesterday. The team is now 4-2; no word on whether any Vegas bookies are taking bets that they finish 4-12. -2

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