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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Should Have Clarified: On the New Hill East email list, some members have expressed confusion over rats’ nests and telephone poles. One member of the list wrote, “I’ve attached some files showing a couple of telephone poles in a shared alley space that are sightly and are potentially harmful. I’m not sure what a rats nest looks like, but that’s how they’ve been described. Getting Verizon or Comcast out to clean up and fix this mess has been quite a bit of a challenge.” This generated one response, by a befuddled commenter who didn’t read the entire message—and didn’t view the accompanying photographs. They wrote, “Are you talking about a literal nest of rats (rodents) or just the unsightliness of an unorganized mess of wires? Because if it’s the later I don’t see why Comcast, Verizon or who ever would ever come fix it, or, frankly, why you’d expect them to. If it’s not a safety hazard (and maybe it is) I don’t see why they would come ‘clean’ it up?”

Showdown on 35th: Following an altercation between her dog and another dog, a resident of Cleveland Park took it to the neighborhood email list. But her email only resulted in an awkward online conversation. She wrote, “An off leash dog named Henry attacked our dog, Chester, this evening. He was at the corner of 35th and Quebec. The mature woman who was ‘with’ him said something like ‘old Henry never did that before.’ Chester’s ear was bleeding profusely. Watch out for old Henry!” Apparently she didn’t consider the possibility that Henry’s owner might also be on the same  list. The owner responded, “I am the ‘mature woman’ of 46 years, who was walking Henry, my 14 year old lab. When Henry and Chester, who was being walked by a group of young girls, met at the corner of 35th and Quebec, they sniffed at each other and Chester attacked Henry, who defended himself. I am sorry to hear now that Chester had been hurt but he did not appear to be bleeding at that time. If you would like to continue this conversation privately please let me know.”

So Neighborly: New Columbia Heights took to reviewing the recently opened Panera on Irving Street in Columbia Heights and was pleasantly surprised by the results despite a stated dislike of chains. The blog wrote, “Both times the sandwiches were tasty, with good, fresh-tasting ingredients and good bread. The folks working there have always been really friendly, engaging even. That’s kind of surprising for customer service in DC.” A commenter agrees with his opinion with D.C. customer service, writing, “I agree. Its sad that we are shocked in a good way at their friendly customer service. Hope it lasts!”

Halloween Hunting: There are still two weeks left until Halloween, but that doesn’t mean parents aren’t on the hunt for costume for their children. Currently coveted costumes include a Pokemon get-up for a six-year-old (“particular character unimportant”) and fairy wings and “other fairy accessories.” Additionally, a member of the Chevy Chase email list is searching for a girls’ size six pair of white boots.