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Survey by WTOP

WTOP reports the results of a new poll of 500 Beltway residents who commute to work by car, and discovered that half said they’d switch if public transit were merely available to them (and took about the same time as driving)—-while six in 10 said they’d ditch the gas-guzzler if a public transit commute were both available and shorter. But! Take a closer look at these numbers.

D.C. drivers skew the averages toward cars. While on average, 50 percent of drivers in the region said they’d take public transit if it were available, only 39 percent of D.C. drivers said the same.

And the numbers are similar for those who said they’d take transit if their commutes were shorter, a mere 41 percent of D.C. drivers would, compared to nearly 60 percent of regional drivers.

What is going on here? Is it that D.C. drivers know something Maryland and Virginia drivers don’t? Are they more selfish? Do they need the autonomy to blast the latest Wale mixtape?

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