If you’re looking to find all the news about yesterday’s Donovan McNabb demotion by the Vikings, what better search engine to use than MyRedskinsSearch, found on the Washington Redskins home page and endorsed by the team that, well, demoted McNabb a year ago.

McNabb, of course, was shipped outta town after his benching here.

But apparently somebody at Redskins Park thinks he’s still with the squad, or nobody’s paying attention: The homepage of MyRedskinsSearch, which is linked at the top of Redskins.com, features a shot of McNabb, and only McNabb.

It gets worse. To try to get you become a habitual user of MyRedskinsSearch, the site offers frequent surfer perks, such as a signed McNabb jersey, a signed McNabb football and a signed McNabb mini-helmet.

There’s also some redeemable commodity called “Redskins SwagBucks.”

So if you don’t win the obsolete shirt, ball or headgear signed by the deposed QB, you can still cash in your Swagbucks at the Washington Redskins Official Swag Store, or use them to enter other contests for, you guessed it, obsolete Redskins Swag.

The top Swagstakes takeaway as we speak?

A “Devin Thomas Signed Game-Used Jersey“!

From the copy of the Thomas jersey contest page:

The date was December 21, 2009, a Monday night. Millions watched on MNF as Devin Thomas took the field with the Washington Redskins as they battled the NY Giants.

The Redskins didn’t win, but you can!

Here is your chance to own a truly unique piece of Redskins memorabilia – A Game-Used AUTOGRAPHED Devin Thomas jersey!

This could be yours for as little as 5 Redskins Swag Bucks if you win this sweepstakes!

The Redskins fell behind 24-0 at the half and lost the game, 45-12.

Devin Thomas had zero catches for zero yards in the game.

So lemme get this straight: For just 5 Redskins Swag Bucks, I’ll have some small chance to win a garment worn by an already forgotten flop former receiver who didn’t even touch the ball during an awful loss for a 4-12 team?

For real?

Have I died and gone to Swag Heaven or what?

Butt seriously: Who came up with this crap? Is there some marketing genius that thinks anything to do with McNabb and/or Thomas is the ticket to reel in the Redskins faithful in 2011?

What, Rex Grossman’s photo and swag ain’t good enough?