A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Look No Further: Borderstan recently found an intriguing job opportunity based on U Street on Craigslist. The original listing reads, “We are a bar on U Street seeking women of color to bartend in lingerie for our weekly swingers party. You do not need to be a swinger, but must be comfortable with the lifestyle. We currently have a great staff and are looking to add a couple more.” The author of the blog called it, “a moderately horrifying about opportunities in the neighborhood, courtesy of that endless source of entertainment, Craigslist.” That said, commenters didn’t seem too concerned with the establishment. One commenter wrote, “As long as I can’t hear any music, and I don’t see anyone smiling or sitting outside, I’ll likely not race to file a petition against this.”

Strange Times: Something weird is going on in Brookland, according to members of the community’s email list. Someone recently posted, “Well, neighbors, you may not believe this, but I awoke this morning to find that several yards of sod that I had laid down about a month ago had been sliced off my lawn and taken. I’m not sure if I was targeted in some unique, bizarre fashion or if this has been happening elsewhere in our neighborhoods. If anyone has any information, I would appreciate knowing about it.” But it only gets odder from there. Someone responded, “This neighborhood is strange sometimes. I was leaning over my stroller at 12th & Michigan one day adjusting my son’s straps when someone threw a pillowcase full of clothes on me as they drove by.”

Costume Hunt: The great Halloween costume search of upper Northwest continues! This week, a member of a Chevy Chase email list is on the hunt for some children’s striped overalls, should you have any lying around. She writes, “My son wants to be a train engineer. The striped overalls we have are wayyyyyy too small – he is nearly 3 years old. Does anyone have a size 3T or larger 2T we could buy or borrow? ” Who knew overalls could be coveted so?

Teenage Wasteland: Remember your teenage years? You might be of use to this Cleveland Park resident. She posted in on the neighborhood email list, “My 14 year old niece is coming to visit next weekend. I think we’re all set for activities if the weather is nice, but I’m looking for ideas of things to do if it’s raining (that don’t involve shopping). She has been here before and has done a few of the traditional sight-seeing things. I’d appreciate any good suggestions for that age.” Whatever you do, dear inquirer, it will probably involve shopping.