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Considering how frequently the topic of dog poop comes up on local neighborhood listservs, perhaps it’s time that District residents take a page out of the book of Fairfax’s Virginia Cornell:

The Fairfax story began on a cold, dark morning in April. Kimberly Zakrzewski, 46, was out walking Baxter, a friend’s dog she often cares for.

Virginia Cornell, a neighbor, said she saw Zakrzewski walk away after Baxter made a mess on the grounds of the Penderbrook complex near Route 50. She called police and filed a complaint under Fairfax’s “pooper scooper” law.

Cornell, who works in the legal profession, said she took a photo of the waste that she plans to submit as evidence at trial, along with testimony from the police officer who took the complaint.

“She was letting the dog poop on purpose because she knew it annoyed us,” Cornell said, referring to herself and a sister who lives with her. “This individual has no respect or regard for anyone else and views herself as above the law.”

Zakrzewski, a stay-at-home mom who often cares for Baxter, said no such incident occurred. She said she carries plastic bags on each walk and never leaves any poop behind.

The dog walker said her attorney will call Baxter’s owner to testify that the dog pile in the photo could not have been Baxter’s — it was the wrong size and consistency. That testimony, she said, will be buttressed by that of another dog walker and Zakrzewski’s husband, Michael, who was with her on the morning in question.

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Photo by Doug Wallick via Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution Generic 2.0 License