Remember that Fairfax resident from yesterday who sued her neighbor for not picking up poop? Well, things didn’t work out so well for her:

A Fairfax County jury deliberated for less than 20 minutes Tuesday before exonerating a Fairfax woman of failing to clean up after Baxter, the fluffy Westie-bichon frise mix she cares for. The verdict came after a tense, funny and strange day-long trial that featured photos of dog piles submitted as evidence, a lengthy dissection of Baxter’s diet and a witness who brought a bag of poop to the courthouse, although not inside.

Virginia and Christine Cornell had accused next-door neighbor Kimberly Zakrzewski of violating the county’s “pooper scooper” law by allowing the pooch to relieve himself on the grounds of their condominium complex, near Route 50.

“This case wasn’t about whether I picked up after Baxter. It was about two women who wanted to harass me,” a teary Zakrzewski said shortly after the verdict was read and her supporters clapped. “I can only hope this verdict will be the end of the harassment for me.”