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A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.

Occupy Ginko Trees: Tree cutting on 18th Street NW has members of the Mintwood Place and Adams Morgan email lists debating the merits of ridding the neighborhood of “invasive” species. One commented, “In particular the half finished Mama Ginko in front of Amsterdam Falafel looks like a giant sling shot now, I bet if nothing was done she would still live.  When it is gone, the East side of 18th is going to drift out into the street with wide sidewalks and stubby trees ?” Another commenter placed blame on the local ANC, stating, “let it be known by all that the entire membership of ANC-1C played their petty little roles in insuring that every living plant in the area of the 18th Street Streetscape would be cut down?” Another commenter pitched the idea that residents take action: “Perhaps an “Occupy” movement in Adams Morgan will get the attention of the mayor and councilmen?” And though some considered Ginkos to be an invasive species in the area, one subscriber attempted to set them straight: “Ginkos are not an invasive species. They’re native to North America unless you draw some arbitrary line in the historical sand.”

Ghost Candidate: Members of the Petworth email list have been discussing Keith Jarrell, candidate for the Ward 4 seat on the D.C. Council. Apparently, Jarrell used to “opine so forcefully about Sherman Circle issues.” The poster was unsure if the two men were linked: “I can’t tell if it is him (I’ve never met Keith in person) nor can i tell if it is really a candidacy and if so, for what.” However, another subscriber was clear that Jarrell moves frequently and provides only vague details about his past: “I have asked for a professional/ civic resume from Jarrell and he has yet to even acknowledge the request. In the 8 years I have lived in Petworth I have attended many PSA 404 meetings and I have never seen the man’s face.”

Old People—Scary Drivers?: Members of the Tenleytown email list took up the debate surrounding age and driving, which found some members sharing their deepest philosophical thoughts on senior citizens behind the wheel. One subscriber came out in support of efforts to help senior drivers (despite the post title “Old People—Scary Drivers?”) They wrote, “it sometimes seems to me that some people don’t like older people.  Some people see the elderly as geezers and crones, and as menaces. And some people seem to assume that the freedoms of older people should be limited, and that they should properly be sent away, for the greater good, of course, but at their own expense. I think that the proposals to make curbside parking near Wisconsin as bad as it is in Georgetown will effectively force older people from the homes they’ve lived in for decades. And it will be bad for the character and value of the neighborhood as a whole, because such a strategy  will also be bad for families with kids.”

Takoma Park Problems: Takoma Park is plagued with potholes, fallen wires, and missing stop signs. Residents expressed their frustration with city response to the slow and steady “demise” of their neighborhood on the local email list. One resident can barely walk her dog safely: “I am beyond frustrated with the failings of 311 of late. It is so bad that in any direction I walk my dog form my house, there is some public safety hazard.” (D.C. Council worker Jim Slattery follows the rants of residents on the email list and offered to help.)