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There Be Lions Here: Typical postings on the Cleveland Park neighborhood message board deal with urgent matters like where one can find “electric adding machines.” A recent update had something a bit more urgent—reports of a mountain lion loose near McLean Gardens. Hide your kids! Or at least keep them indoors with their adding machines. -1

Virtual Transfer Virtually Open: Don’t like Metro Center, but need to transfer from the Red Line to the Blue Line so you can experience all the single-tracking delays Metro has to offer? You’re in luck—starting tomorrow, the system will let you transfer electronically between Farragut North and Farragut West. (You’ll still have to walk between them, of course.) Exiting at one end of Farragut Square and re-entering on the other won’t result in any fare being deducted from your SmarTrip. Just in time for winter, too. +2

Radio, Radio: Sports-talk radio can get even the mildest-mannered listener all worked up; the format just seems to encourage ranting and raving, especially when you live in a city where the options for starting quarterback for the local NFL team are Rex Grossman or John Beck. Which may explain why Nazir Zia allegedly plowed his car into the studios of WJFK-FM during today’s broadcast of The Sports Junkies. No one was hurt. Presumably, callers were complaining as soon as the crash was over about the tactics involved. -1

Trick or Treat?: In search of candy this weekend? Head to the West End. So says Zillow.com, in a new ranking of best neighborhoods for Halloween treats within cities. We suppose Trader Joe’s might have some good chocolate, or something, but otherwise we’re not sure we agree with the pick. Kalorama, U Street, Dupont Circle, and Georgetown were also ranked. Apparently there’s no candy east of Rock Creek Park. -1

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